I grew up in Shanghai and moved to Vienna in Jan 2002. Shanghainess and Mandarin are my native languages. Seven years living in Vienna made me a German (Wienerisch?) speaker. Since 2008, my husband and I are based in the Netherlands. In my free time I like to do sport climbing, drawing, painting and playing piano. I like all sorts of handicrafts and fine arts. Of course, similar to many others, I enjoy good food, traveling and seeing different cultures. The world is amazingly diverse with so much unknown. I always want to learn more about it.

People’s Intelligence

I have spent much of my free time the past year or so working on a non profit called People’s Intelligence. We want to develop a platform to (partially) automate the collection and analysis of relevant humanitarian and human rights information from hard-to-access areas. Our goal is to help victims, witnesses and different organizations setting up dialogues to collect better quality information and provide useful information in return. Humanitarian protection standards and principles are at the core of our work. Visit the project homepage to read more. October 2014